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Lamination Process

  • Inflow of Raw Material


    Transformer Laminations are made up of CRGO (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) Steel, which has always remained in short supply for over 6 decades due to patented technology constraints.

    We realize the significance of procuring high-quality Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel and therefore procure our material from reputed mills across the globe. Our forte is sourcing and keeping buffer stocks of all grades of CRGO including laser and Hi-B grades.

    Upon receipt of the material at the plant, the same is tested in the in-house testing laboratory to ensure that the electrical properties of the material are in accordance with the mill specifications

    Inflow of Raw Material
  • Slitting


    The company has slitting lines of world renowned make Sacma - Italy and Lapper Hall - USA which are used for slitting the coils. These machines can slit coils up to 1000 mm width and 5 tons load capacity.
    One more line is being commissioned to slit coil up to 1300 mm width with 10 tons load capacity.

    The plant has adequate slitting capacity to cater its time framed production requirements.

  • Cropping Lines


    The plant is equipped with state-of-the-art Cropping lines line from world renowned manufacturers like GEORG with each machine having capabilities to cut 45 degree mitered cores, all types of step-lap cores of different shapes and rectangular cores with or without holes with high levels of accuracies.

    Cropping Lines
  • Packaging


    After passing quality inspections at various stages of production the material is ready for dispatch. The following styles of packing are implemented to ensure utmost customer satisfaction

    - Sea Worthy packing, strapping and labeling of finished goods.
    - Ready to build up core
    - Set wise Packing to ensure clutter-free workplace


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